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Story of Jagannath Group
We   are   extremely   pleased   to   express   our obligation     and     indebtedness     to     your generosity   for   extending   your   cooperation and     concerned     attitudes     towards     the appreciatory    dignified    elevation    of    our Units      to      a      level      of      status      as      potential Manufacturer   of   BOPP   Bags,   PP   /   HDPE Woven   Sacks   &   Fabrics,   CS   Cum   DCA   of Indian   Oil   Corporation   Limited   and   Buffer Stockist     of     PPL     Phospho     -     Gypum exclusively   used   by   many   Small,   Medium &   Large   Scale   Industries   of   the   State   & outside   of   the   State   as   well.   It   is   needless to   reiterate   our      journey      of      success      and achievement    in    embracing    the    measure market     sale     in     the     Packing     Material Industries. Ours     have     three(3)     pioneer     State     & National      repute      manufacturing      units namely    M/s.    Jagannath    Plastipacks    Ltd, M/s.    Jagannath    Polymers    Ltd    and    M/s. Jagannath   Polypacks   Ltd   situated   at   New Industrial      Estate,      Jagatpur,      Cuttack, Odisha   engaged   in   producing   qualitative packing      materials      like      BOPP      Bags, PP/HDPE    Woven    Sacks    &    Fabrics    along with    LLDPE    Liner    which    are    exclusively used   as   effective   packing   materials   meant for    Packing    of    Fertilizers,    Sponge    Iron, Ceramic,   Chemicals      &   many   more   food   & non-food  items.  All  these three (3) units
are   duly   registered   with   D.I.C.   &   N.S.I.C. &   also   awarded   with   ISO   Certificate   for   its qualitative      &      productive      process      & product.   To   the   best   of   our   credit   &   as   an outcome   of   our   ceaseless   effort,   we   have been     blissfully     crowned     with     National Award   for   Two   Consecutive   Years   i.e.   2007 &   2008   &   as   trust-worthy   units;   we   have been   enlisted   as   a   regular   supplier   to   our potential customers. Our     units     which     are     equipped     with sophisticated     &     modern     technological innovation,     specialized     in     BOPP     Bags, HDPE   Woven   Sacks   &   Fabrics,   PP   Woven Sacks   &   Fabrics   shall   superbly   satisfy   your needs   of   packing   materials   with   same   line of    credibility    &    sincerity    in    maintaining qualitative   excellence   in   its   manufacturing process.   We   do   successfully   cater   to   the needs    of    our    clients    with    international standard products at economical prices. Now,    it    is    unique    privilege    for    us    to introduce      ourselves      as      a      “Service Provider”   called   as   CS   &   DCA   of   Indian   Oil Corporation    Limited    for    Sale    of    Polymer Granules   (PE/PP)   in   Odisha.   Furthermore, we    are    “Buffer    Stockiest”    of    PPL-Make Phospho-Gypsum   which   is   utilized   as   raw material   for   Cement,   Plaster   of   Paris,   Fly Ash Bricks & Single Super Phosphates etc.