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List of Products
BOPP (Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene) Bags
Biaxially     Oriented     Polypropylene     (BOPP) Bags   is   a   poly   film   that   has   been   stretched in   both   directions   for   premium   durability.     When   this   water   resistant   film   is   laminated to   woven   polypropylene   fabric   &   converted to   bags   form,   it   gives   our   customers   to   the “best   of   both   worlds”   with   rugged   durability and    printed    with    superior    high    resolution graphics.   This   package   offers   vibrant   and vivid   colours   and   will   take   the   bags   to   a whole   new   level   of   high   graphic   beauty.   In addition   to   these   advantages   the   BOPP   bag performs   extremely   well   on   most   current existing    paper    bag    filling    equipment.    We offer   BOPP   style   bags   in   both   glossy   and matte   finishes.   These   bags   are   surprisingly affordable       and       are       considered       an environmentally    friendly    package    that    is
100%    recyclable.    BOPP    is    considered    a package    of    the    future    that    allows    our customer   to   compete   in   the   world   of   high- end   retail   markets   such   as   pet   food,   grass seed,    animal    nutrition    and    many    more.      Consider   allowing   our   packaging   experts   to provide    consultation    and    leadership    on BOPP   bag   design   and   open   customers   unit up   to   new   selling   markets   like   never   before! This   range   of   bags   is   manufactured   with superior       quality       Biaxially       Oriented Polypropylene    (BOPP)    films.    These    bags have   high   tensile   strength   and   impeccable physical    properties    like    good    dimensional stability,   water   proofing,   transparency   etc. These     bags     are     available     at     highly competitive    prices    and    customization    is done  as  per  the requirement of the client.
Sliding Tab Box Things
Weight : As Per Required Size                                                             Width : 12'' to 35''
Denier : 350 to 1500                                                                                GSM : As Per Required
Length : As Per Required                                                                         Colours : Any Colour
Bag Opening : Cold Cut And Heat Cut                                           Lining : As Per Requirement
Imprint : Upto 8 Colours                                                                         Perforated : Yes
Mesh : 8 × 8 To 12 × 12                                                                           Packing : Wrapping
Laminated : As Per Requirement                                                        UV Stabilization : As Per Requirement
Strong Sealing (Perforation) on Sides of BOPP Bags
Lamination on the Outer Surface of BOPP Bags
Handles & Re-usable Tape
Duplex, PVC Packaging
Innovative & Attractive Packaging
Fast Processing Involving Few Steps
Superfine bright printing & Recyclable (Bio Degradable)
Single Side Multicolour Printed BOPP Bags
Both Sides Multicolour Printed BOPP Bags
Multicolour Printed BOPP Bags with Gussets
Multicolour Printed BOPP Bags with Liner
Multicolour Printed BOPP Valve Bags
Multicolour Printed BOPP Valve Bags with Handle
Multicolour Printed BOPP Valve Bags with Top Hemming
Superior strength over Paper Bags-high Tensile Strength
Unlike Paper Bags, BOPP Bags don't break or bust, so lower overall costs
Highest printing quality that cannot be scratched or rubbed off
Excellent for marketing purposes, especially in the competitive retail sector
Resistance to UV light & high gloss and easy to keep clean on shelf space
Fewer layers than paper typically, thus reducing weight and freight costs
High tensile strength & Very high quality printing that cannot be scratched off