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PP Fabric Roll
PP   Woven   Fabric   is   in   Laminated   and   Un- laminated   form.   These   fabrics   are   used   in different     industrial     segments     like     Bag Manufacture,   Fertilizers,   Cement,   Polymers, Chemicals,    Textiles    &    Machinery    &    Food Grain.   These   Polypropylene   Woven   Fabrics     have     found     utility     in     wrapping     paper bundles,   making      bags   on      auto   cutting   and stitching   machines.   PP   Woven   fabrics   are strong     and     the     economical     packaging option      for      wide      range   of   commercial   as well   as   industrial   commodities.   These   light weight      Polypropylene   Woven   Fabrics   are best    suited    for    corrugated    or    wooden boxes,    machinery,    steel    coils,    yarn    cloth bales    and    other    finished    goods.    Quality being  the  success  mantra  for  our  Units.
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Material : PP or HDPE Granules                                                    Additive : CaCO3, TiO2, UV, Modifier & Other
Colour : As Per Required by Customer                                       Tape Width : As Per Required by Customer
Denier : 380 - 1500 Denier & above                                            Mesh : As Per Required by Customer
Weave : Cross weave / Flat weaving & Squeeze                   Width : Circular Form & Open Flat Form
Length : Available in ROLL Form                                                    GSM : As Per Required by Customer
PP Fabric : Coated or Uncoated Fabric                                     Strength : Strength in Warp Way & Weft Way
Lamination : PP on PP, LDPE on HDPE                                      UV Stabilization : As Per Required by Customer
PP Woven Fabric Roll
HDPE Woven Fabric Roll
Wrapping Woven Fabric Roll
PP laminated Fabric Roll
HDPE Laminated Fabric Roll
Laminated Flat Fabrics Roll
Light Weight Fabric Roll
Customized Solutions
Easy to Assemble & Economical
Long Life Expectancy when UV Treated
High Resistance to Stress & Operational Temperature
Improved Stiffness
Made from Non-toxic Materials & Anti-bacterial
Polypropylene (PP) Small Bags & Box Bags
High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Small Bags & Box Bags
Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container (FIBC)
Manufacture of Sand Bags
Manufacturer of Bags used for Food Grains, Cement, Fertilizers etc.
Used for Wrapping of Steel Coils, Paper Rolls
Used for Making of Sacks, Bags, Tarpaulin, Lumber Cover, Fumigation Cover
We   manufacture   these   fabrics   using   finest grade    of    materials    in    different    lengths, weights,    gusset    and    meshes    to    choose from.   Our   range   of   high   quality   Laminated and   Un-laminated   HDPE   Woven   Fabrics   are widely   used   for   wrapping   of   steel   coils,   tyre, yarn   cones   and   other   industrial   products. All   the   layers   of   the   fabric   are   treated   with UV      Stabilizers      to      provide      excellent protection   and   longevity.   These   fabrics   can also   be   used   for   covering   aircrafts,   trucks, tempos,    trailer    trucks,    railway    wagons, storage    of    industrial    machines    (without shed    in    open),    agriculture    products.    This category   of   HDPE   Woven   Fabric   is   available in   roll   form   and   can   be   run   conveniently   on automatic  cutting  and  stitching machines.
HDPE Fabric Roll