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Here   are   different   points   of   view   regarding   arrangements   of   our   Organizational   Structure. The   notion   of   "Structure"   can   be   defined   here   as   the   order   relation   that   exists   between   the components    of    a    system,    as    the    network    of    relationships    that    exists    among    various positions   and   position   holders.   When   talking   about   our   Organizational   Structure,   we   refer   to the relationships between the components of the Organizational System.
Organizational Structure
Managing Director Finance & Accounts Director Works Director Legal & Liaision Director Commercial Director Production CA Calibration Civil ISO Stores Repairs Structure SpareParts Liaison Taxation Canteen Housing Licenses & Approval Security Lebour Welfare Direction General Mgmt R/M Purchase Transport Sales & Receipt Feedback Mgmt Customer Liaison Order Process Complaint Mgmt Production Quality Control Review Dispatch Lamination Excise Factory Boiler Cutting Stitching Loom Tape