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DCA-IOCL (Polymer Product)
Now,    it    is    unique    privilege    for    us    to introduce      ourselves      as      a      “Service Provider”    called    as    DCA    (Del    Credere Associate)     of     Indian     Oil     Corporation Limited    for    Sale    of    Polymer    Granules (Polyethylene    &    Polypropelyene)    inside the  State  and  out  of  the  State as well. Today,   IOCL   is   a   major   suppliers   in   the petroleum   and   petrochemicals   sector   for both   national   and   international   level   and is   focusing   on   increasing   its   presence   in same   sector   besides   the   overseas   market through   systematic   expansion   of   customer base   and   innovative   supply   logistics.
STOCKIST-PPL (Phospho Gypsum)
Furthermore,   we   are   a   “Service   Provider”   called   as   “Buffer Stockiest”    of    Paradeep    Phosphates    Limited    for    Sale    of Phospho-Gypsum    which    is    utilized    as    raw    material    for Cement,    Plaster    of    Paris,    Fly    Ash    Bricks    &    Single    Super Phosphates    etc.    The    products    what    we    deal    with    is    a byproduct   of   PPL   Fertilizer   Plant,   Paradeep   &   having   unique Chemical   as   well   as   suitable   moisture   content.   To   the   best   of our   business   good-will   &   well   versed   business   ethics,   we   could succeed   to   engulf   most   of   the   potential   customers   of   the State   &   outside   the   State   such   as   Chhatishgarh,   RS   Andhra Pradesh,  Bihar,  Jharkhand,  Madhya  Pradesh  & many more.
We   also   a   “Service   Provider”   called   as   CS   / DOPW    (Consignment    Stockist    /    Dealer Operated   Polymers   Warehouse)   of   Indian Oil   Corporation   Limited   for   Sale   of   Polymer Granules(PE/PP)inside the State of Odisha One   of   the   brand   name   PROPEL    implies propulsion    or    impetus    with    promise    of growth    to    our    customers    businesses.    it denotes    100%    trust,    100%    Value.    It    is backed    by    the    promise    of    quality    & commitment   that   Indian   Oil   puts   into   its business.    Customers    stands    to    benefit from   Indian   Oil   Corporation   Ltd   experience & expertise in the petrochemical business.
CS-IOCL (Polymer Product) Steps to Get Product