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The   company   was   incorporated   in   1984   with Mr.   Manoj   Kumar   Subudhi   at   the   helm.   Having completed    the    Master    Degree    in    Business Studies,   he   got   into   entrepreneurship   with   his whole   heart.   His   dedication   to   the   Company   is our   story   of   success.   His   single   minded   effort, meet      the      customers      requirement      with complete   attention   to   every   detail   of   product making.   Financial   prudence   is   what   we   have always   thrived-on   and   this   is   led   from   the   top management   to   the   floor   level.   Making   the efficiency   vector   significant,   we   want   to   make a   sustainable   business   and   a   benchmark   in Plastics Industry inside and outside of State. Our    journey    is    Total    Quality    Management, fully   satisfying   our   customers’   requirements through    a    process    of    continuous    product improvement.   It   is   critical   to   understand   that, Total    Quality    Management    is    a    long    term commitment   aimed   at   continuously   improving the    way    we    work,    providing    a    Safe    Work Environment,       Managing       our       Business Processes,   and   Supplier   Selection/Retention. We    actively    invest    in    innovation,    research, Planning    and    development    to    offer    better products,    to    build    a    society    and    stronger communities    and    we    also    support    all    our employees   in   their   development.   The   team   of Jagannath    Group    since    its    inception    is    still with    us    till    date    and    our    strategy    is    to maximize     production,     keep     bringing     new products   for   our   customers   and   keeping   the costs of production the lowest possible.
We   are   committed   to   be   leaders   in   providing packaging   solutions   to   your   products   to   avoid damages    due    to    packaging.    Total    customer orientation   through   technologically   advanced manufacturing    unit    &    strategic    know    how. Jagannath   Group   have   come   a   long   way   to establish   itself   as   probably   a   one   line   version of   Plastic   Industry,   New   Products,   Innovative Distribution   and   better   use   of   Technology   that is the definition of Jagannath Group. We    are    committed    to    achieving    all    of    this within   a   framework   of   responsibility   for   our employees,    suppliers    the    environment    and society   at   large.   We   are   constantly   monitor quality,   costs   and   delivery   ensuring   highest level    of    customer    satisfaction.    Training    and building   human   resources   in   order   to   develop skills   and   creating   total   quality   people.   To   be   a leader     in     woven     sacks     industries,     we recognized    as    a    niche    player    in    the    global market    through    technologically    progressive and investment through increasing customer. We   are   adopting   quality   as   a   basic   business principle   in   dealing   with   the   valued   customer. We    seek    to    eliminate    all    the    information asymmetries    and    intermediary    inefficiencies to   enable   our   customers   to   transact   at   lowest possible     costs.     Ours     Packaging     industry largely   follows   a   ‘Make   to   Order’   strategy.   Our mission   is   to   put   in   place   a   system   to   reduce lead   times   so   that   our   customers   enjoy   the flexibility of ‘Make to Stock’ strategy.