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List of Products
PP/HDPE Woven Sacks
We      take      the      immense      pleasure      to manufacture   ISO   Certified   PP/HDPE   Woven Sack   which   are   used   as   packaging   materials in   different   industries.   We   are   making   water and   moisture   proof   PP/HDPE   Woven   Sack which   is   ideal   for   packing   of   rice,   sugar, flour,   spices,   fertilizers,   other   materials   etc. With   the   help   of   skilled   engineers,   expert     workers      and      advance      techniques      in adherence    to    the    set    industry    standards and    using    the    premium    quality    PP/HDPE Fabric   the   PP/HDPE   Woven   Sack   &   Bags   are being   made.   We   are   preparing   the   sacks   in such   a   way   that   the   sack   allows   sufficient passage    of    air    to    the    packed    items    and
ensure   the   phenomenon   of   breathing   space in    the    packed    grains.    We    are    happy    to deliver   our   clients   the   customized   woven sacks   with   the   fascinating   colors,   designs and   sizes   to   opt   for   and   our   customers   can avail   the   sacks   in   bulk   quantities   at   most reasonable    prices.    Our    quality    checkers inspect    the    woven    sacks    with    adamant approach   under   various   parameters   at   our end.   Moreover,   our   delivered   bags   are   hard- wearing   in   packaging   and   have   awarded   us the    enormous    clientele    base.    Our    woven sacks   have   gained   a   brand   name   in   the market   for   their   great   quality   and   for   their competent rates. Details are given below:
Sliding Tab Box Things
Weight : As Per Required Size                                                            Width : 12'' to 35''
Denier : 350 to 1500                                                                                GSM : As Per Required
Length : As Per Required                                                                         Colours : Any Colour
Bag Opening : Cold Cut And Heat Cut                                           Lining : As Per Requirement
Imprint : As Per Standard                                                                       Perforated : Yes
Mesh : 8 × 8 To 12 × 12                                                                           Packing : Wrapping
Laminated : As Per Requirement                                                       UV Stabilization : As Per Requirement
Light Weight And Cheap to Transport                                                   High Tensile Strength, Flexibility and Durability
Single Side And Double Side Print                                                           No Seepages in Poly Lined or Laminated Bags
Bright 2/3/4 Color Printing offer Mktg Prospects                         Cost-effective than other Packing Material
Water, Dust and Moisture ProofPacking                                             UV-Stability
Leakage Proofing                                                                                               Heat/Wave Cut And Hemmed Top
Flat or Anti-Slip Weaving                                                                              Ideal for Resisting Rough Handling Conditions
Twisted weave & anti-skid print to prevent slipping                     Fully recycled
Laminated / Unlaminated
Printed / Unprinted
Perforated / Plain
With / Without Liner
UV Stabilized with Corona Treatment
Valve Bags And Gusseted Bags
Twisted Weave & Anti-skid Print
Packing of Chemicals, Fertilizers, Carbon, Caustic Soda, Potash, Phosphates, Resin, Rubber
Packing of Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Lime, Sand, Minerals
Packing of Petro Chemicals Product, Polymer Granules, PVC Compound, Master Batches
Packing of Flour, Grain, Seeds, Corn, Spices, Pulses, Dates, Agro Products, Fish Meal, Cattle Feed, Sugar, Salt
Packing of Metal Parts, Concrete Elements
Packing of Letters / Documents
Twisted Weave & Anti-skid Print
To Meet Daily Necessities